City Locksmiths can protect your property, people and information by securing your business premises

Door Hardware
City Locksmiths can supply and install all your new door hardware, as well as repairing and servicing locks. If you are not sure of what you need, give us a call and we will give you a free on-site expert assessment and quote.

Restricted Key System

Restricted Security Key Systems allow only you to authorise and control the duplication of keys. All Master Locksmiths like City Locksmith Ltd are legally bound to cut only the keys to systems for which they hold the signature and owner records.

Master Key System Masterkeying allows management of an area that large groups of people have access to, or when a group of people has restricted access to different areas. Once a system is installed keys cannot be copied without authorisation.  We also offer ongoing management and maintenance once a system is installed. City Locksmiths masterkeying systems can be found in commercial areas all over New Zealand, in Government departments, schools, universities, major commercial buildings, hospitals, sports clubs, security installations etc

We can install your safe and offer comprehensive follow up service. When looking for a safe you need to decide on what type and size of safe would best suit your type of business. Safes are designed for different needs: security safes, fire safes or data protection safes all have different characteristics. City Locksmiths can help you select the one that suits you best.